My Christmas Present to You

Well, kind reader, Christmas is Saturday. So my weekly blog lines up with the holiday. I’ve made a choice. My present to you today, whatever holiday you may or may not celebrate, is this:

I’ll spare you my writing. Instead, I’m offering you a slew of family portraits from Christmas past. Like ghosts to visit you during this Yuletide season. Think of it like A Christmas Carol. But there’s no moral here. Other than aging is inevitable.

By the by: Slew is a fun word. It means multitude. Yuletide is a fun word too. It mean Christmas. I think.

Anyway, the picture above is from December 24th, 2021. A family scrum in front of the tree. Here’s a family scrum from last year. I think it was last year:

Solomon is wrapped in a blanket. Cute. Let’s go further back in time:

Check out my glasses! I look like my Jewish grandmother. Celebrating Christmas. Wrap your head around that. Lets go back a little further:

Look at those little guys! Christmas in the townhouse we rented after moving to State College. In Toftrees. With our little Christmas tree. I can’t get over how tiny my children were. Speaking of tiny, check this out:

Sam and Katie! From a million years ago. I think Katie’s parents were driving us home from Christmas Eve with the cousins. And I think I got a bloody nose. I don’t look good. But I love this picture.

Okay, that’s my blog for Christmas morning. Pictures instead of words. I hope you enjoyed this picto-journey. May you have a delicious and delightful day.

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