Look at This Thing

I mean, look at that thing.

No, I’m not talking about the shadow of a 40 year-old man and his salt-and-pepper goatee. Although, I guess you could look at that thing, too.

I’m talking about Theo. Or, as Solomon likes to remind me, a cat that is named Theodore Pumpkin Tanner. Because my 6 year-old son thinks that Theodore Pumpkin Tanner is a reasonable name for a cat. I suppose. It’s Halloween and all.

I wanted to name the orange beast Dr. Lickers. But I was shouted down by my family. So who am I to talk about reasonable? Theodore Pumpkin Tanner it is.

Last week I wrote that we were going cat shopping. Well, we went cat shopping. And we came home with this thing.

Look at him.


This cat is about the friendliest damn pet I’ve ever owned. He plays. He snuggles. He even puts up with Yara’s incessant mewling.

Yara was not pleased when Theo came frolicking through the door. She’s a territorial beast. Yara has been treating Theo like he’s a Black Lives Matter protester at a Trump Rally. Or a Trump supporter at a peaceful protest. Yikes.

Take my civil war. Please!

Anyway, Theo has injected some welcomed, playful energy into the Tanner household. This thing lets Samson carry him around the house like a bowling ball. Let’s Solomon throw toy mice at him. Doesn’t raise an eye at the howling ands screaming the Tanner boys produce. And they produce lots of howling and screaming these days. It’s a regular haunted house around here. Halloween and all.

Theodore has eaten his food. He’s used the litter box. Mostly. And Theo has humored Yara’s rage. He’s crawled under the covers to sleep with us. Even took a nap on Katie’s lap during dinner last week. So far so good. Young Theodore has an appointment to get neutered next week. Snip snip. Let’s see if he’s as lively and friendly after the vet ensures that Theo will be the end of his line. Just another barren, distinguished orange cat.

Still, so far, so good.


I don’t know. A new cat provides a little something else.

My routine is rigid these days. Wake up. Get ready for the day. Position myself in front of the computer. Teach and attend meetings. Collaborate. Try to get work done. So much harder to get work done. To write. All of this within the context of a glowing MacBook.

Take me screen. Please.

I hope these blogs don’t feel too dark. I’m fine. It’s just that monotony of life during a pandemic drones on. Takes its toll. I’m desperate to move beyond all this isolation. Not really for myself. I’m an extreme introvert. A hermit. But I’ve got two boys. They need to be out in the world. For their own sanity, I’m sure. Certainly for mine. We are stumbling over each other around here. Have been for months. My routine needs a change of scenery.

An insane, orange kitten named Theo is changing the scenery. Providing a little controlled chaos that shifts the energy in our home.

I mean, look at that thing. Seriously. Scroll up and look at that guy. He’s a peach. Or an orange, I guess. And I’m not writing about that 40 year-old man in the shadows who resembles Brad Pitt. No, friend, I’m writing about Theodore Pumpkin Tanner (formerly known as Dr. Lickers.)

All of this is to say that we bought a cat.

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